Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Founded in 1963, Otokar offers special solutions owing to its proprietary technology, design, and applications, meeting the needs of its customers both for commercial vehicles and in the defense industries. As a Koç Group company, Otokar operates with over 2,000 employees at its 552 thousand square meter plant in Arifiye, Sakarya, Türkiye.​

Otokar has led the way for 57 years and constantly expanded its technological know-how, production capacity, R&D competence and product range.

Otokar is a company specialized in design, development and system integration of mlitary vehicles and platforms in the land defense systems. Otokar holds the intellectual property rights for tactical wheeled armoured vehicles and tracked armoured vehicle, while bringing developed R&D facilties into use for the whole sector. Moreover, Otokar develops various vehicle sub-systems including turret systems to complement its land vehicles, and uses them in its products.

In the public transportation segment, Otokar's product range extends from 7-meter buses to 18.75-meter buses. The company is especially differentiated in the integrated solutions area in urban transportation. Otokar has stepped up its endeavours in the design of alternative fulled busses in recent years and manufactured Türkiye's first hybrid bus, called the "Vectio (Doruk) hibra", Türkiye's first CNG operated medium-size bus, the "Vectio CNG (Doruk DG)", and Türkiye's first electric bus, the "Vectio Electra (Doruk Electra)".

Otokar added a new licensed light weight truck called the "Otokar Atlas" with an 8.5 tons provisional weight to its product range, and began to operate in the light weight truck segment in 2013.

Otokar's large product range is popular not only in Türkiye, but also in foreign markets over five continents and in more than 60 countries.