Purchasing Policy

Purchasing Policy

To establish, maintain and develop long-term business relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation with existing and potential business partners, in line with the United Nations Global Responsibility Principles and Koç Holding Purchasing Management System, in line with the general policies and strategies of Koç Holding and Otokar.

In order to be competitive in both domestic and international markets, Otokar considers all of the national and global procurement alternatives, with the priority of nearby suppliers.

In the ongoing cooperation with the suppliers, a communication structure with high level of efficiency is provided, which enables compliance and information sharing.

Otokar prefers suppliers that invest in technology development, human resources and respect the environment and human health and support the development of their existing suppliers in these areas.

Otokar establishes long-term business relationships with companies that can provide quality products in a timely, competitive condition, attach importance to research and development in order to specialize in their own fields, produce in compliance with national and international standards in Environmental and Occupational Safety issues, and have a modern management understanding.