Social Activities

Social Activities

With the awareness that the most important resource is the human resource, Otokar contributes to the social life of the employees outside of the work life, aiming at ensuring their motivation and loyalty. To this end, Otokar provides employee clubs (excursions and visual arts club, underwater club, model aircraft club, nature sports club, etc.) and environments, such as fitness center and recreation garden situated within the working area, where the employees can pass time outside of the work. In addition, the company organizes events such as in-house celebrations, outdoor movie days, family festivities, sports tournaments (football, volleyball, backgammon, table tennis, bowling, etc.) and trekking, open to the participation of the entire Otokar family. Besides these, our employees exhibit the Spirit of Otokar through successful team performances in in-house competitions such as Dragon Boat, Koç Sports Festivals, etc. as well as in inter-company platforms.

In addition to these, we provide guestrooms to our new employees to facilitate their adaptation to the new life they are building in Sakarya Region.

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