Performance and Career Management

Performance and Career Management

​​Through our Performance and Career Management Systems, we target to manage the talent and interests of our employees in congruent with the strategic targets of Otokar and in this way to make use of the potential of our employees at the highest level. To this end, we use different talent management tools for our employees and managers who have the potential to be promoted to an upper level in future.

Management with Targets

Within the first quarter of each year, we break down our targets from the company mission to the General Manager and to the employee at the lowest level. The success of the performance exhibited by our employees throughout the year is measured by the target realization rates recorded on the target card.

Leader Development Program

This is a program consisting of the training courses implemented for development of the leadership skills of our managers. The training received from the program has been designed both to develop the existing leadership talents of our managers and to prepare them for the top level executive positions to which they can attain in the future. Besides this program, we purchase Personal Executive Coaching from specialist firms and coaches in the field in order to meet the personal development needs of our managers.

Potential Development Program

Development of the potential employees who are prominent for their successful performance, level of English, level of education and seniority in the sense of competencies of the upper positions to which they would be promoted in the future bears great importance in the sense of their being successful in these positions and advancing Otokar further. To this end, we include the potential employees in a broad development program consisting of classroom training courses, project studies, overseas training courses and workshops.

Internal Announcement System

In order to make the career opportunities within the company visible, to enhance the control of the employee on his/her career and to support the employee to prosper and develop in his/her profession, we share all positions at Otokar with the employees via the Intranet. The employees who apply for a position can shift to the new position if they are found appropriate for the position at the end of the respective recruitment process.