06 October 2023

Otokar Continues Its Growth In Europe With Firm steps

  • Celebrating its 60th anniversary year Otokar makes 4 new models debuts and exhibits 7 buses at Busworld Europe.
  • Otokar unviels its fuel cell electric bus “KENT Hydrogen” for the first time at Busworld Europe.
  • “e-TERRITO”, the newest member of Otokar’s electric bus family, makes its debut.
  • Otokar’s “Autonomous e-CENTRO” carries visitors of Busworld Europe.
  • “NAVIGO” is on display with its new design.
  • Otokar plans to make a step change in the Italian market mainly with its renewed portfolio of zero emission vehicles through its new company in Italy.
Otokar, a Koç Group company, exhibits 7 buses of its wide range of city and interurban buses at Busworld Europe, Europe’s largest bus event held in Brussels between October 7 and 12, 2023. Growing confidently in Europe, its largest market, Otokar catches the eye with its new 4 model buses and innovative services at Busworld. Otokar is also promoting its telematics system BusMonitor and EV charger solutions.
Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Turkiye’s very first bus manufacturer Otokar will once again make its mark on the exhibition with its new zero emission vehicles recently added to its product range. Otokar unveils its first Fuel Cell electric bus KENT Hydrogen and 13 meter electric interurban bus e-TERRITO. Otokar’s technology demonstrator bus Autonomous e-CENTRO will carry the visitors of the exhibition providing a shuttle service at between the halls. Current and prospective users visiting the Otokar booth will also find the opportunity to see the new design of NAVIGO buses, the best-seller medium size bus of many countries in Europe.
Stating that Otokar is the leader bus brand of Turkiye, Kerem Erman, Head of Otokar Commercial Vehicles said; “Tens of thousands of buses currently carries millions of passengers in more than 60 countries worldwide, particularly Europe. We strive to offer the innovative products and services to our users with more than 60 years of experience, engineering, and R&D capabilities. We aim to meet the requirements of operators with cost-effective, green and sustainable transportation solutions.”
Stating that Otokar continues to maintain its place among Europe's leading bus manufacturers, Kerem Erman continued: “Our user-focused approach has earned us high levels of customer loyalty in the segments we operate in. Thanks to the trust of operators and their interest in our products, we have become a manufacturer that obtains 72 percent of its turnover from global markets. Our goal is to introduce our entire product portfolio to the European market with zero emissions, to be the largest bus manufacturing plant in Europe, and to become one of the prominent players in the market in this field. We aim to continue our growth in Europe by expanding into new markets such as the Nordic countries.”
Erman noted that to ensure this goals Otokar allocates 7% of its revenues for R&D activities:  “Continuous efforts to develop our further and pioneer innovation are the drivers of Otokar’s success. Our R&D spending amounted to EURO 307 million in the last decade. With design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to respond to the evolving needs and requirements of different operators in global markets.”
New Subsidiary Company in Italy
Otokar has recently added a subsidiary company in Italy to its European operations after the companies in France and Romania. The Company has acquired Mauri Bus Systems, elevating their successful dealer partnership of nearly 13 years to a new level. Otokar plans to make a step change in the Italian market mainly with its renewed portfolio of zero emission vehicles through its new company. Mauri Bus Systems has contributed significantly to Otokar's success in the Italian bus market, has delivered more than 700 Otokar branded buses to date. The Italian company, which celebrated its 101st anniversary last year, had been selling Otokar branded vehicles and providing after-sales services. Otokar signed important framework agreements in the Italian market in the previous years, and as part of these agreements, placed orders for Vectio and Kent buses in 2022. The majority of Otokar buses that will operate in the Tuscany and Puglia regions, will be natural gas-powered. Otokar has also recently received orders for electric buses to serve different cities of Italy.
Otokar’s First Fuel Cell Electric Bus KENT Hydrogen
Aiming to provide a green transport for a sustainable future, Otokar combines the new technologies and power solutions to its KENT city buses, widely serving on the roads. Following the wide range of CNG and electric buses, Otokar has recently launched its first fuel cell electric bus KENT Hydrogen at Busworld.
Using a hydrogen fuel cell as its power source, KENT Hydrogen offers a glimpse into the future of public transportation, where reduced emissions and increased efficiency go hand in hand. Fuel cell electric buses stand apart with its extended driving range and quicker refueling compared to charging electric buses. Hydrogen buses are ready to be an ideal eco- friendly solutions especially for historical cities which have limited charging electricity infrastructure for vehicles. KENT Hydrogen draws attention with its low consumption and low operational costs in addition to its reliability due to high technology components. With its zero-emission nature, KENT Hydrogen produce only water vapor as a byproduct, thus drastically reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality in urban areas.
Kent Hydrogen is designed as 12m low-floor to meet all requirements in urban transportation. Thanks to its 21 tons maximum axle capacities and large interior volume, it has a carrying capacity of up to 104 people. Being lighter than the electric vehicles (with higher package numbers) in its segment has positively affected its high passenger carrying capacity. Kent Hydrogen stands out with its high safety and lightweight Type-IV (carbon-reinforced structure) hydrogen storage system positioned on the roof of vehicle. With a hydrogen storage capacity of approximately 1600L and 38kg, it provides filling opportunity in less than 10 minutes with hydrogen of SAE J2600 quality standard. Kent Hydrogen reduces costs for operators by reducing filling station and vehicle number requirements thanks to its short filling time. New technology fuel cell module positioned on top of vehicle provides power to 340 kW traction motor. Kent Hydrogen provides range of over 500 km and efficient operational hours thanks to its high hydrogen storage capacity, low hydrogen consumption and high technology reliable systems.
Regarding the future of fuel cell buses Denis Toublanc, Otokar Europe Marketing Director said: “We believe hydrogen buses’ potential to reduce emissions, extend range, and support clean air initiatives makes them a compelling choice for the future of public transit. As hydrogen infrastructure continue to develop, we look forward to seeing more hydrogen buses on the roads, moving us closer to a cleaner and greener future.”
Otokar Territo which attracts the operators with its high passenger capacity and luggage compartments is now electrified. Designed to meet a broad range of uses, 13 meters in length e-TERRITO stands apart with its optimal range, high performance, zero emission, versatility and independent front suspensions.
e-TERRITO is available in two different battery capacity options, resulting in two different ranges and two different luggage capacity. The maximum output is 410 kilowatts with a maximum torque of 3,100 newton meters.
The bus is powered by lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. The battery modules are installed on the bottom of the bus to achieve superior center of gravity enabling improved handling.
A double central door, an area reserved for wheelchair users, and an optional platform lift facilitate access for all passengers.
Technology Demonstrator from Otokar: Autonomous e-CENTRO
Otokar is shaping the public transportation of the future by developing its iconic microbus, the electric e-CENTRO, with autonomous driving technology. The company is one step closer to its goals in its ongoing work on autonomous vehicles.
Autonomous e-CENTRO, which has Level 4 autonomous driving technology, can travel without a need of human driver and also comply with traffic rules. The vehicle, which can detect its own position precisely, has the ability to determine its route in the most optimum way, taking into account the current road situation information, thanks to its technological equipment. Autonomous e-CENTRO offers an uninterrupted transportation experience at any time of the day, regardless of whether the weather is sunny or rainy. Promising a comfortable journey for public transportation, the autonomous e-CENTRO can approach stops and ensure smooth loading and unloading  of passengers. The vehicle can also manage stopping and moving times by itself and can also navigate smoothly at intersections and roundabouts. It slows down at speed bumps and pedestrian crossings and gives priority to pedestrians. It has an advanced hill performance. Autonomous e-CENTRO, which can follow the vehicle in front of it in accordance with the safe following distance, can detect possible dangers while driving and make emergency braking or evasive actions quickly. While doing all this, it does not disturb its passengers and the environment.
The autonomous e-CENTRO can be seen and experienced at the exhibition. The microbus is driving between the entrance and the exhibition halls. Passengers are invited to join the ride and experience the autonomous vehicle.
e-CENTRO microbus is also in display at Otokar stand. With its compact size, e-CENTRO offers an environment-friendly and accessible solution for historical districts and touristic areas of cities with narrow streets, and zero emission zones. The 6,6 meter length e-CENTRO provides high maneuverability due to its compact dimension. With an electric motor with a maximum power of 200 kW and a maximum torque of 1200 Nm, e-CENTRO does not compromise performance even on the steepest hills. The bus stands out with its lightness and lower operating costs, providing reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and better range for public transport operators. The 110 kW Li-ion NMC batteries of e-Centro can be fully charged in as short as 1.5 hours, offering a range of 200 km on a single charge. Onboard charging is also available. Furthermore, the regenerative braking feature enables up to 25 percent energy recovery from braking and deceleration in urban traffic.
Positioning the batteries under the floor creates wide and spacious interior and enables the bus to carry up to 32 passengers. Featuring a low-floor design, e-CENTRO delivers comfortable rides for all passengers, including people with disabilities or those with strollers.
NAVIGO with its New Design
NAVIGO, which has attracted the attention of European operators and achieved a great success in medium size bus market, is renewed. NAVIGO, whose front and rare face has been completely changed, now has more dynamic and sharp lines. The interior of the bus has also been re-designed. The new dashboard is now more user friendly and more esthetic.
BUSMONITOR: OTOKAR’s Telematics System
Predictive or preventive maintenance is key for fleets to streamline their operations. Operators would highly benefit from integrating predictive maintenance systems and technologies into their business processes. To meet the needs of the operators, Otokar developed its telematics system BusMonitor. The visitors of Otokar stand at Busworld can get detail information and review a demo of the system which is in use in Istanbul BRT line.
BusMonitor enables monitoring the performance of the fleet in real time with user-friendly interface. It detects all vehicle type’s anomalies by defining alarm limits for the data which is obtained from canbus line, no matter the manufacturer. While communicating information about the vehicle’s location, speed, vehicle range and engine performance, BusMonitor also offers route history and fault codes at cluster. By flexibility of our system, you can track both your asset’s and driver’s performance by customizable reports.
Apart from its new bus models, Otokar exhibits its ULYSO T and TERRITO buses, its well-known buses for interurban and tourism segments. Otokar also displayed its EV charger solutions in two different capacities.