25 June 2019

Türkiye’s market leader Otokar exhibits its buses in Almaty

Otokar, the leader of Turkish bus market, will exhibit its public transportation bus, Kent at the inaugural Busworld Central Asia exhibition in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Otokar, which provides comfortable rides for millions of passengers in 50 countries across the world including Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy, will also promote its broad portfolio of vehicles that range from 7 meters to 18.75 meters in length at the exhibition on 25-27 June.

Otokar, a part of Koç Group, the largest Turkish conglomerate, continues to exhibit the vehicles and capabilities developed with over 55 years of experience at various trade events. The leader of Turkish bus market will bring its worldwide known bus Kent, currently operating in several cities around the world and favored by millions of passengers, to the inaugural Busworld Central Asia exhibition to be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 25-27 June.
As a company that has won multiple awards for its public transportation buses with modern designs and advanced technologies, Otokar also develops vehicles powered by alternative fuels. In addition to exhibiting its accessible bus Kent at the exhibition, Otokar will also promote its broad portfolio of vehicles that range from 7 meters to 18.75 meters in length. Otokar, which provides comfortable rides for millions of passengers with more than 35 thousand buses on the roads of 50 countries across the world including Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and Italy as well as Türkiye, will make its mark on Busworld Central Asia in Almaty, Kazakhstan with its award winning bus.
In addition to long periodic maintenance intervals, Kent is an ideal public transportation bus with low operating costs, a strong, long-lasting engine, high passenger capacity and durability and comes with 12-meter solo and 18.75-meter articulated versions in addition to 10,5-meter version, exhibited in Almaty. Otokar Kent promises a spacious journey in every season with its powerful air conditioning system and provides unparalleled suspension, superior handling and high comfort with independent axle application at the front while ABS, ASR, disc brakes and anti-jamming door safety systems ensure maximum safety.
Kent is set apart from its competitors with its 'CAN' infrastructure, a user information system that can be reconfigured according to individual user needs, a modular structure open to new equipment that municipalities may require, offering users unique benefits thanks to its long range with a large fuel tank. Otokar Kent stands out with its modern exterior and interior design, handling and superior traction performance. With a low floor design and wheelchair access ramp for people with physical disabilities, as well as baby carriages and elderly people, Kent buses enable easy entry and exit, making Otokar an essential brand in public transportation in several big cities.
Otokar offers special solutions tailored to the needs of its customers using its own technology, design and applications and provides excellent aftersales services. Some of the other city buses that Otokar has developed include the following:
KENT ARTICULATED: The 18.75-meter long Kent Articulated bus features low floor, spacious interiors and high passenger capacity.
KENT CNG: KENT C CNG perfectly meets the requirements of public transportation with its environmentally friendly and efficient engine running on natural gas.
E-KENT C: Otokar is facing the challenges of tomorrow's urban transport, with the new generation of zero emission buses. With its fully electric urban bus, the e-KENT C, Otokar is focusing firmly on the future, offering a transport solution which contributes to the sustainable development of cities and helps improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.
VECTIO C: The 10-meter Vectio C stands apart with its modern interior and exterior design, powerful engine, road handling and superior traction performance, as well as its economy. With a low entry and a ramp for wheelchair access at the exit, large and wide windows, spacious interiors and air conditioning offered as standard, passengers enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride. In addition to full dry air disc brakes, the buses also feature systems compliant with European safety norms and ensure maximum safety with ABS, ASR and Retarder.
SULTAN LF: Sultan LF comes to the forefront in public transportation with its modern interior and exterior look and spaciousness. Built on space frame, the 8.3-meter Sultan LF features wide front and rear doors and a full low-floor, offering a modern solution for cities with crowded and narrow streets. Sultan LF, which climbs elevations easily with its high torque value, offers passengers a comfortable ride, thanks to an access ramp for people with disabilities, full low-floor design, passenger landing and different seating options.
Research & Development
With a focus on meeting user expectations, Otokar invests continuously in R&D, and particularly in developing new products and enhancing current products. Otokar's R&D capabilities include CAD programs for product development, prototyping workshops and software, computer-assisted analysis and simulation software, and test-focused apparatus and software. The Otokar R&D Center houses a Climatic Test Chamber with Dynamometer, the one and only of its kind in Türkiye and among a handful in Europe to simulate the physical conditions of different terrains around the world, conduct payload simulations and analyze the vehicles' humidity/temperature values. The Center is also home to Türkiye's highest capacity hydraulic road simulator as well as Türkiye's largest and the world's best state-of-the art Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Center.