18 October 2019

Otokar showcases its innovative bus range in Busworld Europe 2019

  • Alternative fuel vehicles are on display at Otokar stand: Electric Kent C and Kent CNG
  • It is the premiere of new low entry 12 meters Kent U LE
  • 3 door Ulyso T with wheelchair lift is exhibited for the first time

Otokar, Turkey's leading bus brand, exhibits six buses at the Busworld Europe in Brussels, Belgium. Focusing on European bus market, Otokar brings its latest innovations to Busworld with alternative fuel vehicles, wheelchair lift, low entry and new design of vehicles.

During the exhibition, Otokar showcases e-KENT C, KENT C CNG, KENT U LE, new TERRITO U, ULYSO T and NAVIGO U MEGA from its broad bus range.

For over 55 years, Otokar has been designing and developing public transportation, personnel shuttle and tourism transportation buses, all of which currently carry millions of passengers in 50 countries. Otokar proudly offers a wide bus lineup with products ranging from 7 meters up to 18.75 meters in length.

Otokar increases share of exports in turnover to 81%

Emphasizing Otokar's outstanding success in 2019, Otokar Assistant General Manager Ali Rıza Alptekin said "Otokar continued to be Turkey's most preferred brand in its own segments while almost one of every three buses sold in 2018 in the domestic market was Otokar branded. We started 2019 with the goals of maintaining our leadership in Turkish bus market, and raising our export

targets. In the first 9 months of 2019, every 4 medium size buses (7-10 mt) of 10 buses sold in Turkey was Otokar branded.

So far, we have preserved our leader position in the domestic market. In the first half of the year, we were able to reach almost the total performance of the previous year, and we are very pleased with the results. Our skilled human resource, engineering capabilities, extensive product range, solutions developed and tailored to client needs, strong sales network and aftersales services are admired and preferred by more than 50 countries worldwide as we continue to increase our sales figures.

Pointing out Otokar increased its exports five times in the first half of 2019 and also, increased the share of exports in its total turnover to 81 percent, Ali Riza Alptekin continued, "Europe has always been the main export market for Otokar.

Otokar's vehicle park rose to total 3 250 units in its largest export markets, France, Italy, Belgium and Spain. In 2019, Otokar nearly increased its sales by 25% in the mentioned markets. Otokar also has a wide aftersales and spare part network in Europe." Ali Riza Alptekin added, "This year, Otokar showed particularly high performance in the public transportation segment, and completed the deliveries of the Bucharest Municipality's tender for 400 city buses including aftersales services of the vehicles for eight years. Within the year establishment of Otokar Romania and Service Operations were finalized. The order was the largest export deal for a single item by a Turkish bus brand and probably the biggest single order in Europe. Apart from Bucharest, Otokar also received an additional order for 40 more KENT C RHD buses from Malta and delivered the vehicles. It was the fourth fleet delivery to Malta in the 5 last years. We also delivered 30 TERRITO in Toscana, Italy. In 2019, Otokar also developed its sales in Serbia, and very recently delivered buses for public transportation in Subotica, following Belgrad."

 New TERRITO Family

Otokar launches its new TERRITO family with the premiere of TERRITO School Bus at Busworld Europe. The new TERRITO is designed according to customer expectations and needs. It is a multipurpose vehicle dedicated development of the range with CNG, various engine power, deck height, etc. First version of TERRITO family is for school transport that can be used for short and medium distance lines. New TERRITO is efficient, functional, and also, has optimized length and passenger capacity. Its independent front suspension provides comfortable journey. It is also stands out with its light weight construction and high luggage capacity. This new Territo is also offering accessibilty with its wheelchair lift option. New TERRITO U presented in a school version is 13 m.

Alternative Fuel Buses

Working on the alternative fuel vehicles for a long time, alternative fuel buses have always been important for Otokar. In Turkey, Otokar launched the first hybrid bus in 2007 and the first electric bus in 2012.

Focusing firmly on the future, Otokar launched its 12 meter electric KENT bus prototype this year at Stockholm. With this new generation of urban vehicle, Otokar is offering a transport solution which contributes to the sustainable development of cities and helps operators and municipalities to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. The ongoing tests and the interest in e-KENT C are quite pleasing. E-Kent C will be in different lengths including 10.8, 12 and 18 meters.

Being display at Busworld with a new Cummins driveline, Otokar's CNG powered bus were also exported to Spain for the first time this year. 9 KENT CNG buses, delivered to the "Corporación Municipal de Jerez, S.A."(COMUJESA), successfully serve in the city of Jerez de la Frontera.