28 May 2024

Otokar showcased its new vehicles and services at Busworld Türkiye 2024

Otokar, the leader of the Turkish bus market for 15 consecutive years, participated in the 11th edition of Busworld Türkiye, showcasing its new buses and next-generation services. Boasting the largest product range in the industry with buses varying in length from 6 meters to 21 meters, Otokar debuted the new e-KENT, the electric public transportation bus, and the Autonomous e-CENTRO, in Türkiye during the Busworld exhibition. Otokar, the Diamond Sponsor of Busworld Türkiye 2024, also exhibited NAVIGO T and CENTRO buses alongside its telematics solution, Bus Monitor, at its booth.
Otokar, a Koç Group company, participated in Busworld Türkiye 2024, the eleventh edition of the event, on May 29-31 at Istanbul Expo Center Yeşilköy. Otokar, the Diamond Sponsor of the three-day event, showcased the new e-KENT, NAVIGO T, CENTRO and Autonomous e-CENTRO from its innovative and environmentally friendly vehicle range, as well as the bus fleet management system, Bus Monitor, to the visitors.
Murat Tokatlı, Domestic Sales and Marketing Director, stated that Otokar’s wide product range stands out with advanced technologies, durability, low operating costs and high second-hand value, adding that the company is moving forward at full steam in R&D investments and innovation to maintain its successful trajectory.
Murat Tokatlı noted that Otokar is a leading bus manufacturer with successful global performance: “The buses designed, developed and manufactured by Otokar serve millions of passengers every day across Türkiye and in more than 60 countries worldwide. We have maintained our leadership in the Turkish bus market for 15 consecutive years with our wide product range and after-sales services developed to meet user needs. We are proud to be the fourth largest manufacturer in Türkiye and Europe combined.”
Tokatlı further underscored Otokar’s emphasis on meeting the expectations and needs of operators, drivers, authorities and passengers as number one priority: “We are committed to expanding the products and services we offer in alignment with the expectations and requirements of our stakeholders, leveraging our experience in international markets and our superior engineering capabilities. We prioritize our work in four areas: reducing the operating costs with lighter and more durable vehicles; contributing to environmental protection with lower emission vehicles; enabling safer travel for drivers and passengers through enhanced safety measures; and facilitating transportation for both users and passengers by employing technological and smart applications for more efficient mobility. Tokatlı added that they aim to help operators optimize their fleets and reduce emissions with Otokar’s wide product range.
Otokar, the manufacturer of Türkiye’s first hybrid, first electric and first smart buses, debuted its latest electric public transportation bus, the new e-KENT, at Busworld Türkiye 2024. Available in lengths varying from 10 meters to 21 meters and offered with CNG, electric and diesel versions, the KENT family serves millions of passengers every day across numerous metropolitan cities, particularly in Türkiye and Europe. The renewed e-KENT is designed to meet user requirements and developed with Otokar’s experience in different geographical and climatic conditions.
Offering high levels of comfort, the new e-KENT features a new driver’s cabin and driver controls to enhance the driving experience. While the new interior design elevates the passengers’ travel experience, new air ducts contribute to a better feel along the journey. The new e-KENT is powered by batteries with an increased capacity of 450 kWh and above, featuring NMC and LFP technologies. Unlike the outgoing model, the engine room is removed from the rear passenger compartment, lending to a spacious interior. The new e-KENT is also lighter, enabling a longer range, while standing out with its comfort and safety levels. The new e-KENT is set to become the choice of municipalities and operators in public transportation.
Another vehicle Otokar showcased at Busworld Türkiye 2024 was the NAVIGO T. The new model of NAVIGO T was introduced with a new interior design.
NAVIGO T features higher passenger and luggage capacity compared to other models in the family. The 9.2-meter bus comes with 39+1+1 passenger capacity and 4.8 cubic meters of luggage volume, and is powered by a 210 HP engine. The suspension system and axles create the feeling of a coach. With a new driver’s seat and high levels of comfort and enhanced safety features, NAVIGO T is offered with automatic transmission as standard.
Otokar introduced the Autonomous e-CENTRO to the operators in Türkiye for the first time at Busworld. Featuring Level 4 autonomous driving technology, e-CENTRO does not require a driver. Developed to adhere to traffic rules, the vehicle detects its position precisely. Capable of continuously running any time of the day or night in all weather conditions, the vehicle approaches the stops on the determined route, allowing passengers to get on and off without any hurdles. The Autonomous e-CENTRO features a Digital Driver X system, fully designed, developed and deployed by Otokar’s highly-qualified and dedicated teams.
CENTRO, the microbus showcased at the exhibition, is the premier choice of municipalities and operators with its efficient public transportation approach.
Otokar also introduced its fleet management system, Bus Monitor, during Busworld Türkiye 2024. Bus Monitor aims to help fleets achieve maximum runtime, while reducing all values affecting the operating costs, starting with fuel efficiency, parts management and maintenance intervals.