23 May 2024

Otokar Ready To Serve Romanian Armed Forces

(BIST: OTKAR) Otokar, A Koç Group company and the global land systems manufacturer of Türkiye, participated in the Black Sea Defense, Aerospace and Security International Exhibition (BSDA), between May 22-24, in Bucharest, Romania. During the exhibition, Otokar displayed its worldwide known COBRA II 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle and ARMA 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle from its broad range of armored platforms.
Stating that Otokar is among of the world’s top land systems manufacturers, Aykut Özüner, General Manager said; “We are very proud that, as a NATO and UN supplier in military vehicles, Otokar has been serving in many different climatic and terrain conditions on various missions around the world. Being appreciated in global markets with its wide product range and comprehensive integrated logistics services for long years, Otokar has been undersigning the world's important land platform projects.”
“Today our military vehicles serve in more than 40 countries in almost every corner of the world, from Europe to South America, from Southeast Asia to Americas, from Central Asia to Africa as well as Eastern Europe” said Sedef Vehbi, Otokar Military Cluster Head and pointed out its capability of global transfer of know-how and technology in addition to its existing exports.
“BSDA is important for Otokar in order to meet our current and potential customers in the region, and develop further relationships. Specifically, Romania with its opportunities of investment, strategic location, and well-educated workforce is a strategic country for companies like Otokar seeking to access European markets” said Aykut Özüner highlighting that Koç Holding, Otokar’s main shareholder, has also been operating in Romania for more over 30 years.
Reminding Otokar had submitted its bid for the tender which C.N. Romtehnica S.A., Romanian Ministry of National Defence’s Company, opened for the purchase of 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, Aykut Özüner said “We are eager to serve Romanian Armed Forces.”
“Since long, we have been focusing in Romania and closely following up the defence acquisition projects” said Sedef Vehbi. “In due course, together with our local partner, Automecanica, we have been concentrating on a compressive potential business plan in order to meet the challenging requirements of Romanian MoD in this 4x4 program. This includes technical, commercial, and financial aspects of the project, as well as the added value and capability development issues in the country. In case of an award, we are planning to use our facility in Romania as a strategic hub for our business in Europe. Apart from the local production activities, the facility is planned to conduct research and development (R&D) activities. On the other side, we are also determined to work with local Romanian suppliers and sub-system manufacturers to increase the local added value in the country and contribute the Romanian defence capability development in defence.”
Regarding the vehicle Otokar had bid for the Romanian Armed Forces Ms. Vehbi said “COBRA II, proposed for Romanian Armed Forces, is a combat proven armored vehicle operating in more than 20 end-users’ inventory, and being actively used in NATO and UN missions.”
Otokar designs and manufactures a wide range of defense industry products  including 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 tactical wheeled armored vehicles, tracked armored vehicles, unmanned armored vehicles as well as turret systems, using its own technology, design and applications. Otokar products are recognized for their survivability, superior mobility and modularity.
Otokar stands out with its ability to respond quickly to ever-changing requirements and needs of end users thanks to its design, test, and manufacturing capabilities. Otokar analyzes different needs and expectations of its users, simulate these requirements in house and develop solutions that meet the requirements in the fastest manner. The R&D spending correspondes to 7% of the Otokar’s revenue in average.
Exhibited at BSDA, COBRA II is actively used in more than 20 end-users in the world. It offers high level of protection, payload capacity, and large internal volume. In addition to its superior mobility, COBRA II provides high protection against ballistic, mine, and IED threats. With high power to weight ratio COBRA II delivers high performance. The combat proven vehicle is operated by many armies in different parts of the world on toughest terrain and climate conditions.
Being suitable for the integration of wide range of weapon and mission equipment options, COBRA II is successfully in service for border protection as well as internal security and peacekeeping missions in different users. The modular structure of COBRA II also makes the vehicle a flexible platform to be used as a personnel carrier, anti-tank weapons platform, Reconnaissance & Surveillance, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, command control vehicle, recovery and medical evacuation.
ARMA 8x8
ARMA 8x8 is a combat-proven modular platform with amphibious capabilities for various missions. ARMA meets survivability, protection level, and mobility requirements of modern armies. In addition to its high mission payload capacity and spacious interiors, ARMA 8x8 also draws attention with its low silhouette.
The armored monocoque body with high ballistic and mine protection allows the integration of variety of mission equipment and weapon systems in different specifications up to 120 mm. ARMA  is a platform suitable for Infantry Fighting, Command and Control, Air Defense, Engineering, Ambulance, Recovery, Support, and similar missions.