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Purchasing Policy

Otokar’s Purchasing Policy

Otokar’s Purchasing Policy is to establish, carry out and develop long term business relations with existing and potential business partners based on mutual trust and cooperation in compliance with general policies and strategies of Koç Holding and Otokar in line with the United Nations Global Resporsibility Principles and the Purchasing Management System of Koç Holding.

Otokar evaluates all national and global supply options giving priority to suppliers at the near vicinity for the sake of being competitive in both domestic and international markets.

Otokar develops a communication structure with a superior efficiency in ongoing collaborations with suppliers, which makes harmony and information sharing possible.

Otokar prefers such suppliers who invest in technological development and human resources and respect the environment and human health and supports the suppliers in their efforts toward achievement of these goals.

Otokar establishes long term business relations with firms which are able to supply quality product under competitive conditions in a timely manner, which give importance to research and development in order to be specialist in their respective fields, which make manufacturing in accordance with national and international standards on Environment and Job Safety, and which have a contemporary management understanding.

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