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UAB BTS VILNIUS delivered the first party to its Lithuanian Customer, UAB BUSTURAS



UAB BTS VILNIUS, distributor of Otokar, deli​vered the first 2 units of Navigo T at Šiauliai city to UAB BUSTURAS, which is a part of 10 units purchase.

The “best seller in its class” Otokar Navigo, will be running around 500 km per day in different intercity lines all around Lithuania. For a good travel experience to all passengers, wifi connection and non stop running DVD player will be all available with the buses.

As General Director of UAB BUSTURAS , stated „With Otokar Buses, our fleet will have the most modern intercity buses in Lithuania and we are expecting to save at least 10 liters fuel per 100 km, 50 liters per day, approximately 18 tons per year and that led us to choose Otokar Buses. ”

Remaining units are planned to be delivered by the first quarter of 2015.

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