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Otokar to launch NAVIGO U in Turkey at Busworld Turkey

Otokar to launch NAVIGO U in Turkey at Busworld Turkey

​A company of Turkey's biggest conglomerate, Koc Group, Otokar showcased its wide product family ranging from 7-meter to 12-meter-long buses in the Busworld Turkey 2014 International Trade Fair for Bus Industry and Accessories. In comply with the upcoming regulations in Turkey; Otokar launched its Navigo U bus, enabling transportation of 7 passengers with wheelchairs.

Speaking in Otokar press conference, Otokar Assistant General Manager H. Basri Akgul reminded that the company maintained its position as the leader in the bus market for fourth consecutive years. "2013 was a successful year for Otokar as we grew by 40 percent in turnover; and reached approximately USD117 million export. Our international bus sales to about 40 countries, predominantly in Europe, grew by 25 percent. We have utmost confidence in our business, as we touch the lives of millions every day with the busses we produce. As with Turkey, Otokar aims to become one of the key players in the European market," Akgul said.

"In 2013, Otokar Europe has strengthened its position and is now fully operative. Last year we maintained our position in Turkish market as the most preferred bus brand. In Turkish bus market, one in every two urban busses and three in every five tourism-service busses was sold by Otokar. We achieved this success by listening to the needs and expectations of our customers and using this information to perfect our vehicles. In order to fulfill their needs, we constantly invested in R&D, more than 4 percent of our turnover is allocated for R&D in the last five years. We are proud to be selected "The Most Successful R&D Center" by Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and to receive accreditation for our EMC/EMI test laboratory.

We were awarded with very important orders for city transportation in 2013. İstanbul Municipality - IETT (Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management) tenders were of particular importance for us. We delivered 900 busses to the IETT, and began providing maintenance and spare parts services to IETT's garages, which will continue for five years" Akgul added.

Akgul also indicated that they had set challenging goals for 2014, saying, "We aim to maintain our four-year leadership in Turkish market, and become one of the key players in Europe's leading bus markets."

NAVIGO U for Turkish Market

Otokar introduced the Navigo U to Turkish market for the first time in Busworld. The Navigo U, which is used in many countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain since 2008, is now being introduced to the Turkish market in comply with the upcoming regulations that aim to help disabled people to be more active in daily life.

The bus has a capacity of up to seven disabled people and their wheelchairs. It was based on the small-sized Navigo-called Sultan in Turkey, Turkey's best-selling bus, which reached a total production number of 15,000 in recent months.

Otokar showcase buses

Otokar is showcasing its successful product family of urban, tourism and city product families in Busworld. Based on the "Otokar All Around Your Life" concept, Otokar exhibited nine vehicles at its stand, designed as "Bus Terminal", and "City Square".

Buses displayed on "City Square": Kent C (Kent LF), Vectio C (Doruk LE), Navigo C (Sultan Maxi City).

Buses displayed on "Bus Terminal": Navigo U (Engelsiz Sultan Maxi), Territo U (Kent U), Vectio T (Doruk T), Navigo T (Sultan Mega), Navigo T (Sultan S), Navigo T (Tempo)

NAVIGO U (ENGELSIZ SULTAN MAXI)- New: Meeting Otokar's high standards of performance, reliability, durability and comfort, the NAVIGO U has a passenger capacity of 31+1+1. The design allows variable setups based on the number of wheelchair users, ranging from 27 seated, 1 wheelchair user, driver to 7 seated, 7 wheelchair user, driver. Seats are placed on rails and designed for removal. The vehicle has enough room for 7 passengers on wheelchairs, and another 8 passenger seats. A lift system facilitates entry and exit of wheelchair users. Designed to be easy to use, this system involves the driver leaving the bus, opening the middle door, lowering the wheelchair lift and opening the safety barriers. The lift platform lowers to ground level to allow wheelchair access, and when the wheelchair user is securely positioned on the lift, the driver raises the platform, allowing the wheelchair user to enter the vehicle. NAVIGO U is also fully compliant with the regulations.

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