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Otokar’s armored vehicles operating in five continents will be showcased during the Efes 2018 military exercise

Otokar, Turkey's leading land systems company, is exhibiting six of its armored vehicles during the "Efes-2018 Combined Joint Live Fire Exercise" organized by the Turkish Armed Forces. During the exercises that will continue until May 11 in Seferihisar, Izmir, Otokar will promote its world-renowned vehicles known for their superior mobility and high ballistic and mine protection capabilities to the Turkish Armed Forces as well as representatives of 19 countries participating in the exercises where Otokar Cobra will play active part.

Otokar, a Koç Group company, continues to promote its range of own-designed armored vehicles that stand out with their superior mobility, as well as high protection levels and survivability. After exhibiting its worldwide known products at defense industry exhibitions in South America and Asia last month, Otokar, Turkey's leading land systems manufacturer is now participating in the Efes-2018 Combined Joint Live Fire Exercise organized biannually by the Turkish Armed Forces to exhibit six different armored vehicles. Cobra, Otokar's world-renowned armored vehicle, will also take part in the live fire phase of the exercise, which will be held on May 9-10 with the participation of 19 countries. Cobra, will be transported by a helicopter during the exercise. With its capability to be airlifted, Cobra offers effective use for heliborne troops and enables rapid transfer to targeted locations.

Otokar, which exports the military vehicles and turret systems designed and manufactured by the company to more than 30 countries across five continents, will showcase its tactical wheeled armored vehicles COBRA, COBRA II, ARMA 6x6 and ARMA 8x8 and tracked armored vehicle TULPAR-S at its booth.


Otokar's COBRA armored vehicle, actively used in over 15 countries around the world, stands out with its superior mobility and survivability. Offering superior mine and ballistic protection with its monocoque body and optimized body features, COBRA maintains its position as the world's most recognized armored vehicle in its class. With a modular structure, COBRA can be configured as a personnel carrier, weapons platform, CBRN reconnaissance, land surveillance radar, advanced surveillance, ambulance and command control vehicle and adapted for different missions. COBRA also can be designed with amphibious feature.


COBRA II, manufactured by Otokar with the mission of designing and producing globally competitive land platforms, stands out with its remarkable performance. Built on the COBRA vehicle, COBRA II provides superior protection, mobility and large internal volume. In addition to its superior mobility, COBRA II offers 9-personnel capacity including the driver and commander, and excellent survivability thanks to its outstanding level of protection against ballistic, mine and IED threats. COBRA II delivers high performance in the most challenging terrain and climate conditions and can be produced in an amphibious version on demand, perfectly adapting to different missions that may be required. Preferred especially for its broad weapon integration and mission-oriented equipment options, COBRA II successfully carries out a variety of missions including border protection, security and peacekeeping operations. COBRA II features a modular construction that enables the vehicle to be used as personnel carrier, weapon platform, land surveillance radar, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, command control vehicle, and ambulance.


Otokar's ARMA 6x6, a multi-wheeled modular armored vehicle with high tactical and technical specifications, offers superior mobility and high mine and ballistic protection, as well as medium and high caliber weapon system integration options. ARMA 6x6, serving in peacekeeping and human relief operations in the most challenging terrain and climate conditions, is also available in an amphibious version. Standing apart particularly with its high combat weight and large internal volume, ARMA 6x6 can be equipped with different weapons and turret systems according to needs. The ARMA family is available in a variety of configurations such as armored personnel carrier, armored combat vehicle, command post and CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, each equipped with different weapon systems according to specific missions.


ARMA 8x8 is equipped with a special system that makes it possible to navigate in the dark, fog and smoke without any lights on using its thermal camera to scan the road ahead and surroundings. The vehicle, with its amphibious kit, can swim in the water without the need for any preliminary preparations and travel at 8 kph. The NBC kit offered optionally with ARMA 8x8 protects the crew against nuclear, biological and chemical threats.

ARMA 8x8, with its modular platform, which can be equipped with different weapon and turret systems up to 105mm according to specific requirements, can carry up to 12 personnel including driver and commander.  


TULPAR-S, the new member of Otokar's tracked armored vehicle family, stands apart with its superior mobility, high ballistic and mine protection capabilities and modern and flexible electronic architecture. TULPAR-S, suitable for different missions from weapon carrier to personnel carrier, is a modular platform that can be configured according to a variety of missions. With large internal volume, high payload and flexible architecture, TULPAR-S responds to potential future requirements for armor and mission equipment, challenging all terrain and climate conditions. The amphibious version of TULPAR-S can be used both on land and at sea, offering superior mobility, firepower and survivability.

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