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Otokar at Euro Bus Expo 2010

​Otokar, a Koç Group company, participated for the first time in Euro Bus Expo 2010, held from 2 - 4 November 2010 in Birmingham, England, where it exhibited its 12-metre Kent 290LF and 9.5 metre Vectio 220LE, designed specifically for the British market. The vehicles exhibited at the biennial Euro Bus Expo attract significant attention from both visitors and companies.

"We offer models that meet the market's expectations"

In an announcement made regarding the exhibition, Otokar General Director Serdar Görgüç noted that Otokar has seen significant demand for their Kent and Vectio models, which they designed for the British market. Serdar Görgüç emphasized that Otokar has been able to apply their experience from the Turkish domestic market to their European operations and have been successful in Europe as well as in Turkey. He said, "Otokar has over 47 years of experience in manufacturing both coaches and small buses, which are continually gaining in popularity in Europe. This success has been largely fuelled by our strong distribution channels and a constantly expanding product range."

Noting that Otokar continues to exhibit rapid and impressive growth in Europe, Görgüç stated that their long term goal is for one out of every ten vehicles in Europe to be designed by Otokar by 2020. Görgüç said, "We continue to take confident strides toward this goal. Otokar has leveraged its ability to design and produce its own vehicles instead of manufacturing under license. At this expo, we have chosen to exhibit two vehicles we have designed specifically for the British market and that we are confident will sell well in this market. We are proud to present the 12-metre KENT 290LF and the 9.5 metre VECTIO 220LE. Our goal is to bring our experience and success in the field of public transportation to Britain, in the form of our full product range."

Vehicles exhibited by Otokar at Euro Bus EXPO 2010:

Kent 290LF

Manufactured by Otokar for the 12-metre class of buses, KENT buses are available in the international market under the same brand name. Braille writing is used on passenger seats and stop buttons to enable visually impaired passengers to travel easily on the KENT 290LF. A Braille alphabet developed by the Otokar Research and Development (R&D) team in conjunction with the Six Point Association for the Blind was used on a bus for the first time in Turkey. Designed with a low floor, the Kent 290LF is easier for all passengers to board.

The Kent 290LF offers many features for the comfort of passengers as well as the driver. The Kent 290LF sports an ergonomic air-suspension driver's seat, a comfortable driver's cabin and automatic gearbox, making the vehicle more enjoyable to drive. KENT buses are designed and produced by Otokar's experienced and innovative Turkish engineers and designers. Not only do KENT buses look modern, they also feature powerful performance and superior handling. The vehicle is also notable for its automatic transmission, air conditioning, large interior, comfort, modern manufacturing technology, durability and safety.

Low fuel consumption

Even though the vehicle's 6-cylinder 7150 cc Deutz engine puts 290 HP and 12 Nm of torque that make KENT buses the most powerful in their class, it is also an environmentally-friendly engine that meets Euro 4 standards thanks to Adblue technology, which reduces emissions of harmful NOx gases. KENT buses combine high performance with low fuel consumption. The Voith transmission, which offers lower fuel consumption in metropolitan applications than other transmissions, has been specially programmed to minimize consumption. Because if its low fuel consumption, KENT buses make bus owners more profitable by minimizing the operation cost per passenger.

Vectio 220LE

The Otokar Vectio 220 LE meets Euro 5 emissions standards and has been designed for easy boarding, so it provides safe and comfortable transportation for passengers who are handicapped or elderly or who have children. The Vectio 220LE offers a pleasant interior thanks to a high-capacity air conditioning unit and large windows. With a small turning radius and a length of 9 metres, the Vectio 220 LE is a modern solution for public transportation in crowded urban areas where large buses cannot be used or are not economical. Because of its high manoeuvrability, the Vectio is easy to drive, even on narrow streets. Designed specifically for the British market, the Vectio 220LE has been specially designed to facilitate boarding and disembarking for passengers who are handicapped or who have prams. The vehicle offers a very contemporary transportation solution with the ramp that is available at the back door.

Award-winning VECTIO

Vectio won the "Good Design Award" in the "Transportation Vehicles" category of the Design Turkey 2007 Awards for its superb designs for public transportation.

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