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Otokar to exhibit its new military vehicles at IDEF

​​​Over 25 thousand Otokar military vehicles are actively used in more than 20 countries

A Koc Group company Otokar participated in the biennial International Defence Industry Fair this year for the tenth time. Mr. Kudret Onen, Chairman of Otokar and President of Koc Holding Other Automotive, Defence and Information Technologies Group, highlighted the fact that Otokar had participated in the fair since its beginning, and stated that there had been a pleasing development in the Turkish defence industry, and positive steps had been taken. By means of fairs organized we find the opportunity to display the development of the Turkish defence industry to the world. As Otokar, we have been designing and producing tactical vehicles in this sector since 24 years. Our military vehicles provide the Turkish Armed Forces with successful service. And in abroad, over 25 thousand Otokar military vehicles are actively used in more than 20 countries."

Emphasizing the fact that Otokar's tactical armoured vehicles had become a worldwide known brand, Kudret Onen stated that the orders received lately had been export-intensive. Onen said: "The major indicator of the success that our tactical armoured vehicles gained in the international arena is the 58% share of export within our defence industry turnover since 2002. As Otokar, we target exporting markets with new vehicles and emerging systems."

Kudret Onen mentioned that ALTAY's full-scale model, representing the up-to-date studies, is exhibited at IDEF and explained the following about the ALTAY Project: "In scope of the ALTAY Project that we participate as the prime contractor we're very glad and proud to exhibit the full-scale model of the first Turkish main battle tank during the fair. All features of the 'concept design process' of the Project that has been completed can be observed via this model. In scope of this project we want to do our best and to successfully complete this important mission."

Stating that Otokar's product range had significantly differentiated and expanded with the addition of multi-wheel armoured vehicles within the last 2 years, Mr. Serdar Gorguc, Otokar's General Manager, drew attention to the R&D capability of Otokar: "As Otokar, R&D is one of our most important values. Today we're the leading company in designing and producing armoured combat vehicles. We also make significant investments for our R&D studies. The fact that the 4% of our turnover belongs to R&D investments is the major sign of how we value that area. Following the success that we gained until today with our 4x4 tactical and tactical armoured vehicles we also added the multi-wheel armoured combat vehicles to our product family. The new family developed as the ARMA brand are vehicles that are designed by Otokar's R&D team; with a careful study of evolving needs of the international users. After their launch we received our first order within a short time like 6 months, and it proves that we did right."

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