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​​Stating that Otokar is the leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of military vehicles in Turkey, General Manager of Otokar, Mr. Serdar GORGUC said: "We have been designing and producing wheeled tactical vehicles for the last 25 years. Today more than 25 thousand Otokar military vehicles are in service in more around 30 countries. Following the success that we gained with 4x4 Otokar Patrol Vehicle and COBRA, during the last five years we extended our product range with new wheeled armoured vehicles. 4x4 Kaya Mine Protected Armoured Vehicle and ARMA 6x6 and 8x8 multi-wheeled armoured combat vehicle family are examples of these new products. Today, we are glad that all Otokar products varying from 4x4 to 8x8 are in service throughout the world." Mr. GORGUC also emphasised that apart from being the leader land systems supplier of Turkey, Otokar is also the prime contractor of Turkey's very first main battle tank project, ALTAY.

The Otokar COBRA, exhibited at KADEX is one of the well-known armoured vehicles of Otokar. It is a multi-purpose armoured vehicle that successfully meets the requirements of modern armies around the world. The common platform concept helps to simplify the training of drivers and maintenance personnel and optimizes logistic support and planning. Cobra's multi-mission capability is reflected in a range of variants including weapon carrier, reconnaissance vehicle, personnel carrier, ambulance and many more. Mr. GORGUC said: "Thanks to the continuing investments of Otokar in research and development as well as state-of-the-art technologies, COBRA armoured wheeled vehicle has always been the leading product in orders, Otokar received. Thanks to its remarkable ballistic protection, superior mobility as well as, the modular design adaptable to various missions, the COBRA has become a product widely preferred in various territories by various users. It proves itself standing out amongst its competitors. Otokar's flexible manufacturing capabilities, logistic service and after sales support have also played a significant role in making the COBRA 4x4 tactical armoured vehicle as the vehicle of choice in many countries. Today the COBRA is in service with a number of military and security forces worldwide in addition to the Turkish Military and Security Forces. Cobra's internationally recognised success opens new markets to Otokar continuously.


Stating that this is the first attendance of Otokar at KADEX, Mr. GORGUC continued: "We are very happy to be at KADEX this year. This very first presence of Otokar in such Kazakh event is a significant sign for our strong commitment to serve the Republic of Kazakhstan with our vehicles. We are initiating new relations and new partnerships to serve Kazakh Government more efficiently and add a value to the Country's economy. The developments in this regard will be advised shortly. "


An armoured tactical wheeled vehicle, the COBRA draws attention with its superior terrain performance and superior survivability. Coming into prominence among its competitors against explosives and mines with its armoured monocoque hull structure, the COBRA has the feature of being a unique armoured wheeled tactical vehicle with many specifications like run-flat tires, permanent four wheel drive, independent suspension. It allows full control to the personnel with its wide angle of visibility while it can serve in narrow and local areas with its compact and low silhouette. With its features of high maneuverability, superior engine performance, doors that allow fast and easy access, both day and night mobility, and with convenience for air transport, the COBRA has the features that can meet the customer requirements.

Exhibited in KADEX 2012, "Cobra Remotely Controlled Weapon Station" is fitted with a weapon station incorporating thermal sight and day optics which allows the vehicle to conduct missions in day and night. The weapon station can take various calibres of GPMG's and is controlled by the gunner via joystick. The gunner is capable of doing the 360m degrees surveillance, traversing and gun laying using internal controls whereas the vehicle commander can follow the scene through a dedicated monitor in front of him.

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