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Otokar exhibited its Latest Line up at IDEF 2015

​Otokar, Turkey's largest privately owned company in the defence industry, exhibited at the 12th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) on 5-8 May 2015 at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Centre, Istanbul. A Koç Group company, Otokar's line up at the exhibition included world-renowned military vehicles and turret systems designed and produced by the company.

Visitors had the opportunity to see Otokar's wide product range along with some of the company's latest vehicles for the first time. TULPAR-S, Otokar's latest addition to its tracked armoured vehicles family, and ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle, developed against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats were displayed for the first time. Also, the final prototype of ALTAY, Turkey's national main battle tank developed by Otokar as prime contractor, was displayed for the first time at IDEF 2015. ​

General Manager Serdar Gorguc said that Otokar is Turkey's most experienced defence industry company in land systems, and continued, "We are Turkey's land systems manufacturer with a wide product range that includes vehicles in various types and versions ranging from 3/4 tonnes to 60 tonnes, and 4x4s to 8x8s to tracked armoured vehicles, as well as Otokar-designed turret systems. Besides being Turkey's largest land systems supplier, we also export to some 30 countries on 5 continents. We analyse the different requirements and expectations of almost 50 clients, and we swiftly create the solutions to meet these needs. As our clients become our references for new orders, we continue to include new countries among our clientele. More than 28 thousand of our armoured vehicles are in active duty in very different geographies and risky zones around the world."

R&D investments amounting to TL 271 million in the last decade

Otokar's recent activities have been recognized by numerous organizations. Turkey's Undersecretariat for Defence Industries recently awarded Otokar with the 2015 Defence Industry Excellence Award, considering the company's performance in the last three years.

"Driven by our vision to own and dominate technology, we also invest in research and development. This year we are in the top 5 of the Turkish Patent League, while last year we were named Turkey's best R&D Centre in the automotive industry. All of these developments encourage us to be and do even better" said Mr. Serdar Gorguc.  

Otokar allocates 4 per cent of its revenues to R&D expenses. Having invested TL

271 million in R&D in the last decade, the company currently holds a total of 162 patents and beneficial models.

Products Exhibited at IDEF​

During IDEF 2015, Otokar presented the following vehicles:

  1. Turkey's national main battle tank ALTAY's final prototype that reflects the serial-production ready design

  2. TULPAR-S amphibious tracked armoured vehicle, antitank weapon carrier variant

  3. TULPAR tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle with MIZRAK-30 mm turret

  4. ARMA 8x8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle with KESKİN turret

  5. ARMA 8x8 armoured fighting vehicle with MIZRAK-30 mm turret

  6. ARMA 6x6 armoured personnel carrier with BOZOK 25 mm MKT turret

  7. ARMA 6x6 armoured personnel carrier with BOZOK 12.7 mm MKT turret

  8. COBRA II 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle, amphibious version

  9. COBRA II 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle with UCOK turret

  10. COBRA 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle with KESKIN turret

  11. COBRA 4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier

  12. URAL 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle with new generation BASOK turret

  13. URAL 4x4 internal security vehicle

  14. KAYA II mine resistant troop carrier

  15. APV 4x4 Armoured Patrol Vehicle

  16. LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 special operations vehicle

  17. LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 command and control vehicle


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