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Otokar, displays its wide range of buses at IAA 2014

Hannover Otokar, Turkey’s pioneering bus manufacturer, displays its wide range of buses at IAA 2014.

​​​Otokar, a company of Turkey’s biggest conglomerate, Koç Group, showcases its wide product family ranging from 7-metre to 12-metre long buses at IAA 2014.

​​Speaking in an Otokar press conference, General Manager of Otokar Europe Ali Murat Atlas said, “2013 was a successful year for Otokar as we grew by 40 percent in turnover; and reached approximately USD117 million in exports. Our international commercial vehicles sales to about 40 countries, predominantly in Europe, grew by 25 percent. We have the utmost confidence in our business, as we touch the lives of millions every day with Otokar buses. As the market leader in Turkey for the fourth consecutive year, we aim to become one of the key players in the European market.”

​​In the first eight months of 2014, two out of every five 7-metre size buses and three out of every four 9-metre buses in the Turkish bus market were sold by Otokar. In 2014, Otokar Europe has strengthened its position in the major markets. The most important attributes which have placed Otokar in the position it is in today are its dedication to always standing by its customers and to producing solutions for their expectations, needs and requests in the most ideal manner.

Otokar vehicles are designed and developed by a very motivated team of highly qualified engineers, who benefit from the company’s own state-of-the-art design software as well as R&D and testing facilities. Around 4% of Otokar’s annual revenue is invested in R&D. The company employs more than 2,300 personnel and Otokar buses are in service in more than 30 countries, spread over 5 continents.​​

​​Otokar products range from 6 metres to 13 metres in the city, intercity and tourism segments. The buses are designed to be “simple and functional”, highly suitable for a range of uses. A fleet optimised with Otokar products ensures high efficiency and a significant contribution to operating profits. Each vehicle is developed with a focus on low operating costs as well as optimum flexibility and long years of reliable service.

​​Therefore, we are confident that “it pays to choose Otokar”. Our aim is to provide lasting value and outstanding return on investment.


Established in Roissy-en-France in 2011 Otokar Europe is now managing the brand and its distributors, with emphasis on the features of Otokar products. Its European logistic centre supports the service network, providing a quick, efficient parts supply. Otokar recently enhanced its workforce, enabling better service for its clients in sales and aftersales as well as in marketing and administration. Otokar Europe is progressing steadily to reach its targets in Europe.​​


Otokar extended its support organisation in Germany. The company has consolidated its sales and aftersales networks and welcomed several new team members. The new members conveniently located close to Munich airport. In addition, a new service point has been established in Bayern.​​

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