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Otokar to exhibit its worldwide known armoured vehicle COBRA at BRIDEX 2011

​Otokar participates for the first time at BRIDEX, the exhibition that brings together the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of defence and security equipment and systems from across the entire supply chain, and high level international government and defence and security officials, providing them with a unique experience in business facilitation. At BRIDEX 2011, Otokar exhibits its worldwide known 4x4 armoured vehicle COBRA with remote controlled weapon station.

Turkey's leading and largest privately owned company of defence industry Otokar, is recognized with a wide range of Armoured Personnel Carriers, Border Security vehicles Reconnaissance & Surveillance vehicles, Weapon Platforms, Mine Resistant Troop Carriers, Medical Evacuation Vehicles and Ambulances.


COBRA 4x4 armoured vehicle is displayed with remote controlled weapon station at BRIDEX 2011. The COBRA provides superior mobility, a high level of protection, adaptability to various missions and a low logistic footprint.

The powerful turbo diesel V8 engine and high power/weight ratio give COBRA, power to navigate in the toughest terrain conditions. The Independent Suspension, the Central Tyre Inflation Systems along with the permanent four-wheel drive, automatic transmission and front/rear 2 speed lockable transfer box ensure the highest level of mobility. The optimised body angles of the monocoque hull structure grants COBRA a reliable constitution for the superior protection resulting an excellent level of built in survivability.

Prioritizing the concepts of safety and comfort of the crew, COBRA transports up to 9 personnel from one mission to another. Thanks to the optimised angles of the armoured body in monocoque structure, COBRA differentiates itself with remarkable protection against explosives and mines.

Being ready to accomplish any type of mission, COBRA is an ideal platform for different weapon systems. Thanks to its modular structure and advanced engineering, various types of weapon stations and turrets can be adapted to COBRA in accordance with the vehicle type and mission definition.

Thanks to the modular body structure, COBRA is a multi purpose platform, designed for various military missions such as Personnel Carrier, Weapon Platform, NBC Reconnaissance, and etc. Common platform concept also helps the training, maintenance, and the logistic support planning.

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