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Otokar to present ARMA 6x6 at ADEX 2014

Otokar to present ARMA 6x6 at ADEX 2014

​Otokar, the largest national and privately owned company of Turkish Defence Industry, presents its worldwide known armoured tactical vehicle ARMA 6x6 at Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition in Baku Azerbaijan, between 11th & 13th September. 

Baku, Azerbaijan - Otokar participates in the Azerbaijan First International Defence Industry Exhibition, with its globally known armoured vehicle ARMA 6x6 with open turret in its stand in Turkish Pavillion Hall 2 Booth Number 2102. 

Otokar General Manager Mr. Serdar Gorguc said: " It is indeed our great honor to exhibit in Azerbaijan and serving the requirements of the Azerbaijani forces with our vehicles. We as Otokar, apart from serving 50 different end users in almost 30 countries and being a listed NATO & UN manufacturer, are naturally the main supplier of the Turkish Military and Security Forces for wheeled tactical vehicles. Today around 28 000 Otokar military vehicles are in service in many different parts of the world with an outstanding performance. I believe this ADEX is a great opportunity to get together with the esteemed organizations of Azerbaijan, listen their requirements and seek for further opportunities to serve their needs. 

Otokar tactical armoured vehicles are operating under many different geographical and extreme climate conditions in the world and their combat capabilities are proven in the real combat situations in high risk areas. Today, Otokar military vehicles are globally deployed in various operations under UN and NATO flags. 

With a vast range of armoured tactical vehicles from 4 to 65 tons in both wheeled & tracked, Otokar is considered as one of the most sophisticated land defence plants worldwide and provides the modern armies with state-of-the-art tactical vehicles in different configurations. 

Capabilities of the design, testing, development, and production under one single umbrella greatly differentiate Otokar among our rivals and we are extremely pleased to see that, our intense focus in the business is appreciated by our customers. 

In the view of above and benefiting from this opportunity, we wish to highlight here in our brotherly country Azerbaijan once more that, Otokar is successfully and timely proceeding with Turkey's largest land systems program, Altay Turkish National Main Battle Tank Project being the prime contractor." 

ARMA multi-wheel tactical armoured vehicle family 

ARMA is a new generation modular multi-wheel armoured vehicle with superior tactical and technical features. Thanks to the modularity and highly protected armoured monocoque hull design, ARMA is a modular platform that forms a basis for 6x6 and 8x8 family of vehicles with a high common logistics. ARMA's basic architecture allows the integration of various types of mission equipment or weapon systems capable of meeting today's and future needs of the modern armies in the conventional battlefield and peace-keeping operations. ARMA, being an agile and highly maneuverable platform, can cross over long distances in a wide range of challenging terrains from deserts to arctic conditions. 

ARMA 6x6 has an 18,500 kg gross vehicle weight and transports eight dismounts, besides driver, and commander. 

Export of all armoured vehicles subject to requirements of related governments' export license regulations. 

Depending on the customer requirements, ARMA can be equipped with a 450 HP or more powerful engines and proven driveline components to perform superior mobility on all terrain conditions. The engine is located at the right front of the vehicle, allowing a comparatively high internal volume to be efficiently and ergonomically used. Water-cooled turbo charged diesel engine capable of running on F-34 or F-54 fuel, drives the wheels through an automatic gearbox and transfer box. 

The independent suspension system enhanced with Run Flat Tires, built-in Central Tires Inflation System (CTIS) and Anti-locking Brake System (ABS) improves ground mobility and ride comfort even over the roughest terrain. Vehicle's mobility is further enhanced with longitudinal and transverse differential locks and the high power to weight ratio coupled with high ground clearance and approach/departure angles. Also, ARMA provides amphibious capability by twin hydraulically driven propellers with joystick control. 

ARMA provides a high level of protection against ballistic and mine threats by means of high hardness monocoque steel hull. V-shaped monocoque type body structure provides high level of mine blast protection for the crew. Specially designed seats preventing body injuries such as head, neck, spinal cord and pelvis and multi-point seat belt provides safe cruising for the crew. 

ARMA family, thanks to its high payload and large internal volume, allows integration of various types of mission equipment and weapon systems. Furthermore, with the outstanding design supporting various types of mission equipment, ARMA can be easily adapted for a wide range of roles and missions such as Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Reconnaissance / Surveillance Vehicle, CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) Reconnaissance Vehicle, Maintenance / Recovery Vehicle and Medical Evacuation Vehicle.

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