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A Koc Group Company Otokar, celebrating its 45th anniversary, announced that it had bought the land and the plant site of O

​​​​​Otokar acquired leadership of the sector in semi-trailer by the end of May of 2005.

Otokar announced new developments concerning Otokar-Fruehauf brand trailer and semi-trailers in press meeting organized in Rahmi Koc Museum and presented two new models with modified bodywork.

Otokar-Fruehauf became the leader by the end of May 2005 with 34 % market share among five important brands, holding 65% of Turkey trailer market.

Otokar Trailer Marketing and Sales Manager Murat Tokatlı participating the meeting stated that their objective is to provide the best vehicles in best conditions by considering clients' demands and expectations as Otokar-Fruehauf. Tokatlı continues his speech as following: "After the launch of new model vehicles in September 2004, our clients expressed their appreciation by making us the leader at the end of May of 2005 with a 34% market share. Now, continuing leadership that we reached in our client's opinion will be our biggest target instead of market leadership reached in statistical base."

New Superstructures...

At the meeting "Euroslider" and "Speedslider" new models of Otokar-Fruehauf renewed superstructure systems introduced and it was given detailed information. "Euroslider" and "Speedslider" are constituted from side and upper curtainsider systems sliding stand-alone. The greatest asset of these systems is facility of using in loading/unloading operations and speed for the user.

Vehicles designed completely in compliance with TIR regulations and customs legislation can be provided to user with optionally side rail in "Euroslider" model and without side rail in "Speedslider" model.

"Tırliner" and "Megaliner" types of curtainsider trailers being in current product group and used in dry cargo transportation are certified with tests done under control of RWTÜV/Germany suitability for Europe Standards concerning cargo security in addition to "Euroslider" and "Speedslider" models new developed.

The first in Security of Tanker in Turkey: R111...

Otokar had presented "ADR Certified Tanker" which is approved from RW-TÜV international certifying establishment in 2000 and set a precedent in Turkey. On the previous days Otokar-Fruehauf received approval of type "R111" by meeting requirements of stability against tumbling of ADR fuel tanker in line with the ECE R111 regulation. Otokar set also a precedent with this approval taken by from international certifying establishment RDW.

Unrivalled in Perishable Food Transportation...

Otokar-Fruehauf introduced Turkey in food transportation with European norms and has manufactured each refrigerated vehicle in compliance with ATP standard since beginning of the 1990's and certified according to customer demands. 

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