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100 KENT buses from Otokar to Izmir

​As a Koç Group company, Otokar's public bus KENT which is suitable for the transport of handicapped is now to transport people in Izmir. Among the leading bus manufactures of Turkey bidding for the tender opened in March by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services and Machine Industry Inc. (İZULAŞ) for 100 vehicles, Otokar, Turkey's most preferred bus company, became the winner.

The signing ceremony of the tender has been realized on June 2nd, 2012 at IZULAŞ facilities. Besides Aziz Kocaoğlu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor; Gül ŞENER, Chairman of the Board of İZULAŞ; Reha PEKERTEN, General Manager of İZULAŞ; and Serdar Görgüç, General Manager of Otokar, Izmir public participated in the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Serdar Görgüç, Otokar General Manager said: "As a person born in Izmir, I believe that this bus tender will further enhance this beautiful city, and we're glad that İZULAŞ once again preferred Otokar. We started working with İZULAŞ in 2009 by delivering them 10 middle-size DORUK busses. Due to successful utilization of our vehicles, last year we had delivered İZULAŞ 20 more Doruk buses. And today we're signing the contract for 100 more Otokar buses. We would like to thank our esteemed Mayor, Izmir public and İZULAŞ for trusting us. Now we've more responsibility for Izmir. I believe with all my heart that we'll successfully discharge our responsibility."

Emphasizing the increasing importance of transportation due to the rapid urbanization in today's world, Görgüç said: "In order to meet public transportation needs arising from the increasing population densities in our cities, it became essential to create and utilize low cost solutions for municipalities, operators and our country, that will contribute in the economic and social development, and improve urban development. As Otokar, we're glad to support the improvement of Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. This signature, representing Izmir's development in public transportation area with modern, effective, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly vehicles, will also be an important social heritage for future generations. Our KENT bus to be presented for the use of Izmir public following this signing ceremony, is a design-awarded bus used for public transportation not only in Turkey but also abroad, especially in Europe. With their environment-friendly structure, modern outlook, high passenger capacity, and low operation costs, our vehicles feature qualifications suitable for a world city like Izmir. As Otokar, we're proud and glad to serve Izmir's public transportation with our KENT buses. We wish our new buses to be fortunate for Izmir and İZULAŞ." In scope of the tender opened by İZULAŞ in order to renew its bus fleet, Otokar will deliver 100 KENT buses in lots within 2012 to be used in Izmir's public transportation. Otokar has won tenders of İZULAŞ in 2008 and 2010 for middle-size buses, and presented 30 DORUK buses to give service in Izmir.

Drawing attention with its eco engine, design suitable for modern cities, high passenger capacity, and low operation costs, KENT buses are used in public transportation not only in Turkey, but also in countries like Hungary and Poland. Honored with the Jury's Special Award at the "European Bus&Coach Week" which is considered as the most important bus contests of Europe, and the "Best Design Award" of "Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards", KENT bus is also used in the leading cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Sakarya, Malatya, Karaman and Samsun.

About KENT Buses

Designed and manufactured by Otokar, and preferred by İZULAŞ, 12 meters-long KENT presents passengers a modern and unique comfort with its stepless and low entrance floor, roomy inner space and easy access for people with restricted mobility. As an ideal municipality bus with low operating costs and endurance, KENT is highly appreciated in local public transport.

Operating with minimum local exhaust emission by means of its EEV level, low-emission eco engine, and providing a commodious travel for all seasons with its high-powered air-condition, Kent guarantees maximum safety with ABS, ASR, disc brakes and anti-jam door system while providing a unique suspension with its independent front axle, superior road-holding and excellent comfort.

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