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ARMA is Otokar's new generation modular multi-wheel configuration armoured vehicle with superior tactical and technical characteristics. Thanks to the high level of ballistic and mine protection as well as the outstanding design allowing the integration of various types of mission equipments or armament, ARMA is an adaptable 6x6 platform for evolving mission needs in a modern battlefield forming an optimum solution among mobility, modularity and protection.

The ARMA rides on independent hydro-pneumatic suspension, offering respectable off-road mobility and comfort. Front two axles are steerable enabling it to make tight turnings. Tyre run flat capability and Central Inflation System is supplied as standard.

The ARMA is also transportable by air with C-130 in standard configuration.

ARMA 6x6 has a 18,500 kg gross vehicle weight and transports eight dismounts, besides driver, and commander.

Export of all armoured vehicles subject to requirements of related governments' export licence regulations.

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  • Otokar to present ARMA 6x6 at ADEX 2014

    Otokar, the largest national and privately owned company of Turkish Defence Industry, presents its worldwide known armoured tactical vehicle ARMA 6x6 at Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition in Baku Azerbaijan, between 11th & 13th September.

  • Otokar to present COBRA and ARMA at FIDAE 2014

    Otokar, the biggest privately owned company of Turkish defence industry, presents its worldwide known armoured tactical vehicles COBRA and ARMA 8x8 at FIDAE 2014 International Air and Space Fair in Chile, between 25th and 30th March.

  • Otokar, Land Defence Systems House of Turkey, Unveils TULPAR Armoured Tracked Vehicle at IDEF

    <p>Land defence systems house of Turkey, Otokar attends to 11th International Defence Industry Fair between 7 and 10 May, 2013. In its 50th anniversary Otokar displays its first tracked armoured vehicle TULPAR, the new member of COBRA family COBRA II, and its new wheeled tactical armoured vehicle URAL firstly at IDEF. ARMA 8x8 armoured fighting vehicle with 105 mm turret system and three new Otokar design turret system are also firstly exhibited at Otokar stand. </p>

  • Otokar to Exhibit its Armoured Vehicles Range at IDEX

    Otokar, the biggest privately owned company of Turkish defence industry, presents its 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 armoured vehicles range at the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 17th and 21st February. Otokar displays ARMA 8x8, KAYA II mine resistant troop carrier and MIZRAK remote controlled turret system for the first time in the Gulf Region.

  • Otokar Awarded $63.2 Million Contract for ARMA 6x6

    Turkish leading and largest privately owned tactical vehicles manufacturer Otokar has been awarded a $63.2 million contract for its new 6x6 tactical armoured vehicle ARMA. Deliveries are scheduled to be in 2012 and Otokar will provide spare parts and training under the contract requirements.

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