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Research & Development

Designs realized in Otokar

Research & Development

R&D activities have been attached great importance in Otokar since its foundation. Otokar considers the fitness for use and the user's needs as the priority for all the products produced. Otokar permanently applies the policy of developing and testing the products to be manufactured in parallel with the needs arising or to arise in time and then starting manufacturing if considered fit. In addition to extending the present product range, Otokar also applies a permanent R&D process in terms of designing military, semi-military and commercial original products in parallel with the demands of the domestic and foreign markets.

Intellectual property rights

Otokar's armored vehicles such as ZPT, Cobra and Akrep, which are tried and recognized in many countries as well as in Turkey, have been completely designed and developed by R&D Department. Otokar's small bus, Navigo, which has changed the small bus standards in Turkey, has also been designed and applied by Otokar's R&D Department.

Otokar R&D Center, has an enclosed area of 1000 square meters, on the other hand, is equipped with prototype manufacture areas, special paint house, and Hydraulic Road Simulator enabling faster testing of the manufactured vehicles employing the state-of-the-art technology, test equipment and computer systems to create and evaluate information.


Research & Development

Otokar has rapidly improved its vehicle design capability through the investments carried out systematically and the importance attached to the technical staff, and at present, R&D Department has a powerful design staff and developed CAD systems.

Otokar, having adopted realizing the best products with the best quality as its main mission, is the first company in Turkey to employ computer aided design applications in Turkey. Moreover, it has "Computer Aided Design", "Computer Aided Engineering" and "Special Test Equipment" as well as "Prototype Workshops" reserved for R&D works.

It is aimed to perform durability analyses of designed vehicles’ body, for which CAD Models are prepared during the Product Design and Development Stage, by using Computer Aided Engineering softwares (Finite Element Analyses Softwares). By means of Hydraulic Road Simulator and special test equipments in Otokar R&D Center, various road conditions are simulated and such analyses are verified by tests. During the tests, various sensors and data collecting systems are employed to make measurement on Hydraulic Road Simulator simulating various road conditions with a view to develop vehicles.


Having proved itself in the realm of R&D, Otokar was awarded with "Award of New Articles" by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade in 1996 and with "Mimar Sinan University Industrial Design Honorary Prize" in 1999.

Very soon

Attempts have been initiated to provide the softwares necessary for simulating the dynamic behaviors of vehicles, which are designed under R&D Department, on road in virtual environment. Soon it will be possible to carry out kinematic analyses of steering and suspension systems of the vehicles by means of this softwares.

Otokar's next goal is to design vehicles employing virtual reality simulations in computer environment, thus developing better quality products in a shorter period.

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